Part of our strategy is to provide a full range of services to the client before and after the production.

Commercial and promotional furniture should serve its purpose at the point of sale

We’ll professionally install it, provide a high quality service throughout Russia and save your cost.

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We create convenience for the client who receives all the necessary services in one place throughout the global project of brand promotion at points of sale.

Services «before production»

More than 30 designers and engineers work out profitable solutions for brand promotion at point of sale.

We have accumulated a large portfolio of solutions for different brands from all over the world.

Conquered GRAND PRIX, «Design of the Year» awards and victories in special CONCEPT nomination of POPAI contest confirm our high level.

  • Expertise and consulting: successfully realized projects for world famous brands and our permanent monitoring of POS-solutions around the world — this is the style of VIRTU. We are ready to provide advices in selecting the most effective way to promote your brands at points of sale.
  • Creative solutions: we offer a creative idea with best reflection of the essence of your brand and its visual design solution that matches the style of the brand and can effectively solve commercial objectives. The design can be both part of a full project and a separate service.
  • Design adaptation: global creative solutions require some changes for the local market, taking into account peculiarities of the local retail. Using a client brand book we make the adaptation of existing design solutions to a particular task.
  • Technical solution: a wide spectrum of technologies inside our production sites enables us to provide a variety of technical solutions based on the design project, as well as offer alternative solutions depending on the client’s needs and budget.

Services «after production»

A full range of services throughout the territory of Russia.

Extensive experience of installation works of high complexity.

Providing clients by the information about all stages of service support.

  • Warehouse/office logistics: management of finished products at all stages of its movement before the start of operation at the point of sale.
  • Logistics and installation at the point sale: full territory of Russia, including DUTY FREE zones, taking into account specific characteristics of the retail space. VIRTU has the experience in the installation of brand furniture produced by European manufacturers.
  • Repairs (warranty and non-warranty): our service teams eliminate quickly damaged items of the installed furniture, repair light elements etc. We provide a warranty on the produced items and sign annual maintenance contracts to keep brand furniture in permanently perfect conditions to maintain your image.
  • Additional services: a wide range of services including audit and measurements at the point of sale, as well as the storage, installation, dismantling, recycling etc.