Design and producing of premium brand furniture for the world’s famous brands is one of the key VIRTU activities.

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We know and understand luxury brand needs. For many of our clients we are the exclusive and authorized supplier of brand furniture in Russia. We have the experience in coordinating with clients’ head offices. Our specialists get regular traineeships at the headquarters of clients.

Our experience, qualification of specialists and modern technologies (MDF painting, the use of veneer, HPL-plastics and fabrics decoration, stainless steel processing and others) make it possible to realize projects of «de luxe» level.

We realize both individual projects and mass production but in any case our products are of high quality level, variable in the using of materials and unique technologies, with widespread using of light and dynamic lighting solutions as well as interactive elements.

Service teams perform a professional installation of a new and dismantling an old furniture throughout Russia as well as maintenance throughout the entire period of use.

A full range of services
in the field of exclusive solutions
for luxury brands

  1. Design, its adaptation and rendering, technical drawings in accordance with the client’s brand book
  2. Selection of exclusive materials and technologies
  3. Prototyping (mass production)
  4. Mass and individual production and coordination of subcontracting works
  5. Test assembly
  6. Delivery (Moscow and other Russian regions)
  7. Installations in Russia including DUTY FREE zones
  8. Complete design and decoration of dedicated retail space
  9. Measurements of a retail space, utilization of an old furniture
  10. Maintenance

Individual projects

Due to the specialized production site VIRTU provides all services in producing all kinds of brand furniture for luxury brands (backwalls, shop-in-shop, corners, brand zones, brand stores, promo areas and podiums, pop up stores) with a variety of materials including exclusive ones which surfaces are high-quality processed, painted and coated.

Mass production

The scale of our production capacities and the required number of assembly teams let us implement mass furniture projects maintaining a premium level of finished products: shelf displays and shelftalkers, glorifiers, floor units, demo stands, promo POS, tester bars, backwalls, gondolas, make up bars etc.