The new equipment for wood production site.

In case of increasing volumes of production, in particular relating to products and components made of particleboard and MDF, the new equipment is required to reduce the proportion of manual labor, improve quality and increase working efficiency.

For this reason VIRTU recently acquired two units of production equipment, including a cold hydraulic press (ORMA, ITALY). This press is designed for bonding the laminate and veneer boards to wood, ensuring uniform distribution of the glue and the load across the surface of bonded parts.

VIRTU also acquired a milling machine of German manufacturer LANGE MASCHINENBAU. This equipment removes automatically the overhang from the edge of the curved parts of particleboard and MDF with outer and inner radius of almost any shape and size. Previously, this operation is done by hand.

Both of the above technologies can improve the quality of product parts made of particleboard and MDF, reduce the time of project implementation. Made acquisitions correspond to the company's strategy to acquire the best examples of equipment from world leading manufacturers.