Rebranding to the 20th anniversary of VIRTU.

About half a year ago the company has completed the development of corporate identity which includes work on the philosophy of the brand and its graphical style. One of the main tasks of the joint with a leading branding agency Depot WPF work was a desire to get away from the formal definition that the company manufactures POSM and exclusive brand equipment and instead of it to determine the deep essence of company activity.

Work on the philosophy of the brand consisted of a series of collective brainstorming sessions with VIRTU staff and branding agency.

According to the CEO Viacheslav Itkin the answer came by itself after a careful analysis of the company: "The ultimate goal of any our project is the success of the client’s brand at the point of sale and increase in sales of goods of this brand. In case of a huge variety of almost identical goods the key challenge is to POINT THE BRAND AND TO CREATE OF ITS ADVANTAGES at the point of sale. Producing only a beautiful and stylish display doesn’t solve this problem. It means that we wasted our client's money. That's why we added a phrase "point the brands" to the logo and the logo itself highlights of our activities by the graphics."

 The final stage of the work was the development of VIRTU brand book, which reflects the basic rules for the use of brand constants, the use of a new corporate identity in business documents. For the first time a new corporate identity was presented in the exhibition "Design and Advertising" in April, 2012, and the full rebranding was completed by the 20th anniversary of the company.

In October corporate video clip has been developed. It is a continuation of VIRTU style which tells us VIRTU story. VIRTU employees were the first to look this video clip during the corporate party in honor of the 20th anniversary of VIRTU in October 19, 2012.