Recently has there been the 17th contest of the POPAI RUSSIA. Usually the awards ceremony goes right after the contest but there has been decided to postpone it till September, 2 due to a new wave of the pandemic. However, intermediate results have been summed up and all the nominees for the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2021 are already known.  

Below are all our projects of both VIRTU Exclusive and VIRTU Display divisions which are nominated for awards.

All three our entries for the Cosmetics and perfumery, CHANEL end displays, my Clarins stand and Penhaligon’s table are nominated.     

One more our entry for the same nomination has been nominated among mini displays: the Louboutin perfume bar.

The Rowenta Skin Care mini display is going to receive its award in the Household Appliances and Electronics.

The corrugated Theater Tsar Tigran is marked in the Alcohol/Temporary section, and the VOSS stand - in the Drinks nomination. The Theater Fa display designed by VIRTU Display is awaiting to get a prize in the Body Care.  

We are considered to be extremely successful beforehand in two parts of the Concept nomination.

The Lighthouse stand and the Balloon display for Chateau Tamagne have been nominated. Blueprints and production have been carried out by VIRTU Exclusive but creative designs are prepared by designers of both divisions.

All three of our ECO prepackaged displays for Zewa, Tena and Libresse are nominated in the second section of the Concept nomination! The creative designs were prepared by three designers of VIRTU Display.

Five projects having carried out by VIRTU Exclusive are awaited their awards in online nominations.

SIS CHANEL and SIS Christian Louboutin installed in the L'Etoile store of the ‘Aviapark’ shopping center are going to be awarded in the Shop-in-Shop/Cosmetics and Perfumery.

Our projects dedicated to POS materials for VICHY, La Roche-Posay and CeraVe and integrated under the sign of Derma Center is one more our nominee in the Design for a product's segment.

We are also looking forward to find out which kind of award will be taken by the CHIVAS mobile bar in the Shop-in-shop/Bars nomination.

The next our nominated in the Shop-in-shop/Fashion section project is the Brand area for glasses and frames GUCCI installed in one of ‘Blind Chicken’ stores.

Eighteen of our entries have been nominated for the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2021. On September, 2 during the awards ceremony all secrets will have been uncovered.

 Up to this event the nominees are known but the results are still in shadow.