On August 31, at ‘Expocentre’, there was a business talk dedicated to the appearance of modern Russian retail when the departed brands are being replaced by Russian ones actively occupying the vacant retail space. The event was a part of the CPM fashion industry fair.

Vladimir Itkin, the president of VIRTU, spoke on this topic like a year before. All speakers noted that Russian retail was on the rise and the stores that were replacing the previous ones, in general, look quite decent. But there is a race for the best retail places, and in this regard, Vladimir Itkin wished more time to be given for the projects implementation for it would improve the visual perception of new stores.

Right after the business talk, the award ceremony of the first Shop & Retail Solutions Awards followed in five categories related to the design of retail space, window dressing for fashion, accessories and underwear industry, and fitting areas. The organizers did all their best to show winning projects and everyone in the hall was able to access their qualities. And the displaying of total points scored by rival projects helped the awards ceremony to get successful.