At the turn of winter and spring the top VIRTU management visited the largest exhibition of our industry in Dusseldorf and we have the opportunity to look at it through their vision.

The EuroShop which takes place every three years invariably attracts attention of those who concerns to modern retail: it reflects all world trends like in a mirror.

Visitors were able to see representatives of various technologies for retail that influence the look of the modern store: interactive and digital solutions, modular retail equipment, lighting solutions, POS displays and shop fitting. The exhibition allows us to analyze which geographical regions are beginning to play a significant part in the market and how specialization is distributed.

Below is a photo tour over the EuroShop 2023.

All walls of the cube table on Outhorm booth were converted into video screen

Modern technologies for store shelves

Video walls on a rack for chips ... Kiosks were often seen at the exhibition

Lighting solutions for public spaces

Shopline is a Turkish modular systems supplier and store builder

Concept-S offers modular systems for retail and interiors

The number of POS producers has lessened. But they still were at the exhibition, for example, Holbox

Up-to-date innovative solutions

Each booth is unique in design