The POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2021 will take place from June 30 to July 2 in the same Amber Plaza exhibition hall as last year. It used to be held in spring but the pandemic forced it to be postponed until September in 2020. That’s why the future contest will be held this summer.

The previous contest was special due to the pandemic but the upcoming event has perhaps even more value. After all, last year almost all exhibited displays had been produced before the COVID-19 emergency, and now the entries are going to be entirely designed after it. It will let us know how our market has changed.

VIRTU has always regarded the contest seriously since it allows to show completed projects in different nominations and for different market segments (from FMCG to luxury brands, as well as for retailers). Both our divisions - VIRTU Exclusive and VIRTU Display - will take part in the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS.

The upcoming contest is peculiar also due to the Concept nomination which is represented by two briefs: one is dedicated to permanent floor displays for Chateau Tamagne wine, the other - to sustainable corrugated prepacked displays for hygiene products (Zewa, Libresse, TENA). We are going to present our designs for both briefs.

VIRTU is the gold sponsor of the contest again since we took charge for the POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS. This year's partner is Kimberly Clark which provided students with a brief on the design of corrugated POS for Kotex Natural.

One more feature of the contest is that it's the last year for Indian statuettes, which have become a kind of Oscar for our industry, to be the main award. Next year the prize will change its appearance.

We invite all our clients and partners to meet at Amber Plaza during the contest.