Alchemy of GUCCI.

Currently, our company is in a partnership with GUCCI implementing a number of shop fitting projects for the brand. Installations of GUCCI furniture at ‘Afimall’ and ‘Europeiskiy’ shopping centers have been a part of the partnership. 

Unique style and elitism of GUCCI are emphasized with a sophisticated architecture, a special hand-worked color and a flower pattern. 

The furniture has been produced for promotion of the new fragrance collection GUCCI THE ALCHEMIST'S GARDEN created by a perfumer Alberto Morillas. The concept of the entire collection is based on the modern tendency of mixing flavors. The collection includes seven flavors in Eau de Parfum concentration, four types of perfumed oils and three types of fragrant waters. The source of inspiration for Alberto Morillas was the art of alchemy and perfumery in general. The entire collection is created so that flavors could be combined to get one’s own unique compositions.

At the moment, we are going on new projects for the famous brand.