Our history

Company name VIRTU comes from the word «virtuoso».

VIRTU started out with a few offices, including a small manufacturing room: digital printing, signage. Today it’s a modern industrial complex with a total area of 10 ​000 sq.m.

We again succeeded at the professional contest.

VIRTU confirmed our high level by getting 7 gold, 8 silver, 7 bronze awards at the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2019 and one of its major prizes: the POS of the Year (the POPAI RUSSIA members version).

Unbelievable! We have achieved the result in the creative Concept nomination that is impossible to be overtopped. All the participants of the nomination were under equal conditions of a single task to design POS displays for Huggies. Both our displays took gold and silver awards according to the jury version as well as to the client’s version. We are proud of getting main awards in the competitive nomination with many worthy displays.

Our projects have won all the prizes in Shop-in-shop/Cosmetics & Perfumery and Cosmetics & Perfumery/Permanent & Temporary.


Unbelievable success in POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2018.

We again managed to collect a unique collection of prizes that exceeded our expectations! 11 of our projects won 12 (!) 1st place awards: in addition to 9 gold Indians three our POS displays were recognized as winners in the Concept nomination according to the client’s version. VIRTU team also won 6 silver and 4 bronze prizes.

For the fifth year in a row (since 2014) our company organized the student contest POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS.


VIRTU is participating in the project for launching SEPHORA stores in Russia.

It was one of the most important events of 2018 for VIRTU to produce store furniture and some interior decorations for SEPHORA stores in Russia.

VIRTU had already implemented projects related to launching boutiques, and SEPHORA stores with high demands on the quality and timing of projects have made it possible to take a serious step in the development our activities related to launches of new stores. The new project turned out to be very sophisticated in terms of technologies, materials and lighting elements.

The unique international conference «POSitive-2017: world industry trends».

On June 7, 2017 the unique international conference «POSitive-2017: world industry trends» took place. It was organized by VIRTU in the year of its 25th anniversary and gathered more than 100 representaties of the world’s largest brands. It was the first time in Russia when presentations in total covered all types of POS production industry. The speakers of leading companies from USA, France and Germany presenting different segments of POS production were invited to the conference for this reason. The owners of VIRTU spoke about the history of the company and modern principles of doing business. The group of musicians from St. Petersburg named Street Band created festive atmosphere of the conference. History Wall installation and special photo area «25 years of Success» acquainted all guests with the most important moments of VIRTU history and victories in Russian and world professional contests.

POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2017: unbelievable quantity of prizes.

The result of POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2017 for VIRTU is unbelievable! We took 10 gold statuettes in 9 nominations, 5 silver and 6 bronze prizes. We have won all main prizes of the year:

• in Concept competition (client's version);

• Design of the year;

• POSM of the year (POPAI RUSSIA members version);

• Grand Prix – VIRTU 7th one for 13 years!


The party in honor of the 25th anniversary of VIRTU.

The festive corporate party in honor of the 25th anniversary of VIRTU took place in December of 2017.

Homely and beautiful interior of the hall, various shows, gifts from the company, congratulations from departments and the atmosphere of fun were parts of the holiday. The slogan of it was «Your contribution to the history»: the success of the team consists of everyone’s efforts.


The fourth consecutive year our company co-organized the contest among design students. There were two nominations for the first time so the contest attracted attention of students of not only industrial and environmental design but also furniture design specialists. The competition has no similar ones in the world: in addition to a design projects students would also make models of POS displays in real size. To attract attention to the contest and the POSM industry the booklet of the contest was printed and presentations were given in universities.

17 prizes on POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2016.

12th POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS brought 4 gold, 9 silver and 4 bronze prizes. We got a «golden Indian» for a corrugated POS the first time in our history: the island Air Wick display was the best in PRODUCTS AND ACCESSOIRES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE, ENTERTAINMENT, HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS/TEMPORARY nomination.

Our booth in the «Design and Advertising» fair was awarded by a diploma for the most creative solution.


Starting production site of corrugated POS.

In the middle of the year, VIRTU opened its own specialized production site of corrugated POS in Chekhov near Moscow with modern equipment and meeting all the requirements in the field of ecology and labor protection. Together with analysis of the market, internships of specialists in best world companies and traditions of VIRTU in the field of creativity, the new site contributes to the production of high quality and efficient displays.

The International Design Meeting

The International Design Meeting organized by our partner STI Group was held in Germany from 7 to 10 of March. The discussion of all RIO 2016 design concepts was the main part of the Meeting. It’s pleased to note that VIRTU designs were greeted warmly and especially marked by all of our colleagues.


6th Grand Prix on POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2015.

The new major success of VIRTU on Russian POPAI contest :

  • Eight gold, three silver and five bronze prizes in various categories; 
  • Two wins in Concept nomination  (version of Moet Hennessy that has provided briefs for Concept this year); 
  • Special prize from 3M for high quality of gluing transparent materials;  
  • The main prize, - GRAND PRIX, - the sixth one for VIRTU in eleven years of the contest.

Inretnational partnership of VIRTU and STI Group.

In May, 2014 in Germany our company signed a partnership agreement with a major European producer of corrugated POS. It means that VIRTU is the exclusive partner of STI Group in Russia.

5th Grand Prix in VIRTU history

10th contest attracted a record number of participants and the exhibited displays, almost twice more than last year’s figure. And so significant that our company is the best on all counts: the number of first prizes and the total number of them. VIRTU won six gold, four silver and eight bronze prizes, the title «Design of the Year» and the fifth Crystal Globe (Grand Prix — the main award of the contest).


We are the best in the Concept again

In 2014 the participants of the POPAI RUSSIA exhibited 12 interesting projects for brand of juice «My family» in Contest nomination. Two our displays were awarded by gold and silver prizes. It should be added that the victory in the Concept is a good tradition for VIRTU.


At the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS VIRTU exhibited projects in nine nominations. As a result our company got 8 (!!!) gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze prizes! Our booth in the «Design and Advertising» fair was awarded by a diploma for the best design.



Both company projects for POPAI PARIS AWARDS were nominated for the prize taking 1st and 2nd places. Thus, VIRTU — the first Russian company that won the gold prize of the European POPAI competition.


Successful participation in the traditional POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2012: 5 gold, 7 silver and 2 bronze prizes and a huge advantage over the rest of participants.



A complete re-branding of VIRTU was carried out in a collaboration with a leading Russian branding agency Depot WPF.

The Creative Bureau

The Creative Bureau was formed which tracks trends in the industry, innovative technologies and modern materials for future using them in current projects.



VIRTU is the first Russian company which won a prize at the POPAI GLOBAL (Las Vegas): Viktor & Rolf display for L’Oreal.


The development of manufacturing facilities

The active development of manufacturing facilities. Specialized sites of serial and individual projects, of the wood and metal processing sites were created that time. There was intensive reinforcement of manufacturing facilities by the latest state-of-the-art technologies.


Stable development

During the economic crisis VIRTU fully saved structure of the company.



VIRTU placed the information on Sostav.ru with a very unusual and creative photo shoot of its leaders.

Concept nomination

The first time there is a contest in the Concept nomination (displays produced specially for the contest under the brief of one of the brand companies). Our company won in this nomination: display for 3M brand. Subsequently VIRTU won this award in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

VIRTU not only gets prizes of Concept nomination but also exposes the extraordinary displays, as is in the case with DOVE display-dress or Johnnie Walker Performance. These works evoke the great interest of POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS contest visitors.


Company of the year

VIRTU is the company of the year among POSM manufacturers (Display Russia magazine version). There is an article entitled «A Star Called VIRTU» in the magazine (#17).

Star named VIRTU

3M got our company a gift on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of VIRTU: an entry in the catalog of celestial bodies «RosAstro» about naming VIRTU for a star of nineteenth magnitude in the Virgo constellation.

Marketing at retail show

First VIRTU participation in Marketing at retail show fair (Paris).


Grand Prix POPAI

Our first Grand Prix of POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS for SONY display in the «household appliances» nomination. Subsequently we have won this award in 2007, 2008 and 2010.


POPAI contest

The first POPAI contest in Russia and the first victory — the display for Rimmel in the «Cosmetics» nomination.

Prize of Superstar Russia

The first professional prize in the Superstar Russia Contest for the best design. The display for Anytime brand of cosmetics for youth (a subsidiary brand of Lumene).

POPAI Russia

In 2004 our company became a founding member of POPAI Russia (the International Association of Marketing at Retail). VIRTU Chairman Vladimir Itkin was the first chairman of the partnership.


Interview in Forbes

November, 2004: Forbes magazine published an interview with VIRTU Chairman Vladimir Itkin under the headline «Creating visibility» (As long as women are susceptible to the beauty, Vladimir Itkin company doesn’t go broke).



The largest VIRTU project for the first 10 years of activity — Maybelline exclusive counters.


The first Rivoli (Douglas) store in Rostov-on-Don was produced by VIRTU. After it Rivoli stores was opened in Moscow, Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk.


POS projects

The first VIRTU projects in the field of POSM for VICHY brand (L’Oreal).

The first POS-display

The first POS-display was manufactured in 1997 for Christian Dior.


Museum on Poklonnaya Hill

Decoration for the Museum on Poklonnaya Hill in honor of the 50th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.


VIRTU birthday

August, 4 is VIRTU birthday. On this day in 1992 the company was registered by the Moscow Registration Chamber. At that time our company had 4 employees.