VIRTU prepared a presentation for the "ConsumExpo 2016".

On November 22, VIRTU marketing director Andrey Tikhonov spoke about POS and brand areas to promote brands of household goods. This presentation was a part of business program of the "ConsumExpo 2016".  

POPAI RUSSIA was an organizer of one part of business program and one-hour presentation of VIRTU speaker was focused on various POS methods to stimulate sales of goods for household, interior and country house.

For some reasons POS displays are not often used for these goods in comparison with, for example, food, cosmetics and alcohol. It had to be taken into account in preparing the speech.

Eventually the presentation contained many examples with a brief analysis of design and engineering solutions. The presented case studies reflect both the Russian experience and achievements of colleagues from Europe and America. Additionally some researches about the effectiveness and impact of different types of POS to sales growth were introduced.