POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS 2017: a new nomination.

The fourth time in a row VIRTU is organizing a competition among students of design and begins working on a booklet of this contest.

Russian POS industry is interested in talented designers who often determine a success of any project. Participating in the contest students learn a lot about the industry where their knowledge is in demand. That is why VIRTU continues to deal with all matters of POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS organization: a case when everybody is getting a winner.  

Almost everything has changed since the first contest in 2012. Instead of free choice theme, now there is one common brief for all students equalizing the chances of competitors. The formula of the contest is multi-stage. To create 3D image is not enough to win, all finalists should make a real model by their own hands. According to experience it takes two working days.

POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS is the unique competition in the world. British one is strong but it does not have a single task or requirement to make a project model. 

VIRTU Chairman Vladimir Itkin has proposed a new nomination to develop the contest.  This will allow students of furniture design to show their talent (earlier young masters of industry and environmental design took part in the competition only).

As in the last year a brief for POS-display project has been provided by Mondelez, and a brief for furniture design came from PUIG.

Last year a newspaper was released as a promotional support for the competition. It had been successful experience, and we decided to repeat it in the new season changing only a shape of promo edition: it would be a booklet. Now it is near completion thanks to our partners - RedinDesign and LBL Marketing Production (design and printing respectively).

Both briefs are prepared and a new stage of the contest will begin soon: presentations in high schools. Students will be acquainted with POPAI RUSSIA, rules of the competition and with POS-industry.

Traditionally the names of new winners we will learn at the same time with ones of the professional contest. All members of our association will be able to get information about the finalists of POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS and invite them to training. Maybe some students will subsequently become an employee of one of the companies of our association.