Dior corner for RIVE GAUCHE store in St. Petersburg.

In April VIRTU has completed a project for Dior, one of the most famous lux brands of cosmetics and perfumery. This project is executed in cooperation with Dior team.

The traditional style of the brand is reflected in all architectural solutions of the project. MDF lined by exclusive plastic, stainless steel and silicate glass are the basic materials of the corner. Light boxes with visuals and LED lights emphasize the individuality of Dior.

The make-up bar is located in the central part of the corner. Its original shape and decorative elements display favorably the product line of the brand.

The showcase with king-sized bright visual and located on the back of the perfume bar is another notable element of the corner.

Two light boxes and highlighted shelves of the backwall are the additional elements to attract the attention of shoppers to a perfume.