Learning WestRock experience.

VIRTU continues its activity in corrugated POS solutions. That is why we study the experience of world leaders in this part of our industry.

In the end of March our design and engineering specialists visited one of our partner WestRock divisions near Los Angeles. WestRock is the global POS leader.

The division creates POS displays in particular for Walt Disney, Henkel and Starbucks. A large number of engineers and designers is working on the creation of future displays. One of the experts come up with creative ideas on sketches level. One of many company production sites located across the United States converts an initial idea to a final product.

The first part of the mini-internship consisted of a tour across the departments to explore the features of development process. Then WestRock specialists showed how they usually work on each order: coordination with the client, the actions of each specialist and coordination between departments. WestRock staff told in detail the specifics of their work, which is generally similar to ours.

The main distinction of corrugated POS market in America is another approach to the appearance of displays: focus is on the complexity of display shape and on the creativity. 

American POS producers aim to reduce the cost, and the client is not confused about it: glue and furniture are used not often, open flutes is the usual detail of displays.  Perfect quality and premium appearance is not the main purpose. Usual American POS display is simple and cheap but very creative one.

About WestRock:

  • $15 billon total sales 
  • 42 000 employees working in 30 countries worldwide 
  • 275 operating and business locations
  • 2400 patents granted worldwide