POS of the year - a new prize of traditional contest.

Recently there was the decision to introduce a new nomination in POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2016 – POS of the year. The winner is determined not by the clients. The best display will be selected by the professionals of POS production. All the entries of POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS excluding on-line nominations will take part in the competition.

16th of December board members of POPAI RUSSIA selected the design for the special prize. The total number of projects was eight and the design of our company became the best one. The prize consists of four cubes standing one above the other with different angles relatively to the vertical axis. Each cube symbolizes four criteria of POS displays.

The idea was proposed by VIRTU Chairman Vladimir Itkin. Our designer Lyubov Sokolova offered her vision of the idea. Particularly a transparent plate with the name of nomination is added and all cubes are "in gold." The original version suggested cubes stylized as different types of materials.