Look at VIRTU through the research.

For the second year in a row the research of the Russian POS market was carried out by order of POPAI RUSSIA.

This time the study of our field of activity was conducted by the Russian office of the German company Gfk, one of the largest in the field of marketing research in the world.

The researchers had the following main objectives: definition of the structure, volume, and key players on the Russian POS market and the main trends of its development in 2015. On-line survey of experts from 74 brand companies and 22 POS production companies was conducted for it.

The research provided VIRTU not only the data for analysis and further development but also allowed to estimate its position in the market:

our company received the highest score by the sum of reliability, quality and creativity criteria among the POS-producers on the basis of customer surveys.

In general the second in a row research provides a much more complete and nuanced picture of the Russian POS industry, interesting to all participants. We will share with you more information about the results of the research. For this you just need to make a request to our marketing department at tikhonov@virtu.ru