March 31, 2015 the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka Square was opened after a long period of reconstruction. Now it is a full entertainment center for family leisure.

The largest store of Hamleys occupies two floors. VIRTU implemented eight major projects for different brands of Mattel: Barbie, Barbie Fairy, Monster High, Ever After High, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Max Steel and BOOMCO. At POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2015 we presented four projects produced by request of Mattel. 

The Barbie brand zone is a fashionable attraction for girls. Interesting elements are: the podium with an interactive floor and Make-up area. This project took 3rd place in “Shop-in-shop/Toys” nomination. 

The central part of the Barbie Fairy carousel is moving in a circle showing the brand goods.

The Monster High brand zone reflects the original style of the brand. Decorative and interactive elements (light in eyes, sound effects) create a unique atmosphere. Due to the high level of execution this project won 1st place in “Shop-in-Shop/Toys” nomination.  

Decorative elements of the Ever After High brand zone attract attention and create a unified brand concept.

The Hot Wheels design-project includes a loop track with built interactive elements: flashing headlights, loudspeakers with engine sounds. It gets the feeling that the car rushes at great speed on a steep bend of the race track.

The Fisher Price brand zone is a mini playground for children.

The gondola Max Steel is produced in the traditional style of the brand with the use of neon lights. Due to an illumination it has a «cosmic» view.

The BOOMCO design reflects the modern style of the brand. Goods are located on both sides of the gondola. This project won 1st place in “Permanent/Products for household etc.” nomination.

The main purpose of all projects is an interesting pastime while shopping. The unusual brand zones design and a variety of interactive solutions capture and involve in the game. And if you haven’t ever been at the Central Children's Store  on Lubyanka, be sure to visit this amazing place – the World of Childhood.