VIRTU promotes advanced skincare technology of IOMA.

VIRTU produced and installed brand furniture for the French skincare products IOMA PARIS in Ile de Beaute stores of Moscow (Maroseyka, Leninsky ave.) and St. Petersburg (TC "Gallery").


Each person’s skin is unique and that’s why IOMA PARIS creates persolanized skincare products taking into account the conditions of the face and body of every woman.

The IOMA SPHERE device for macro and microscopic analysis, generates the personalized beauty combination including the formulation personalized product is installed on the furniture produced by VIRTU.

The furniture is made of painted MDF and stainless steel with IOMA logo and images of products. Big monitor is set to show promo videos. The furniture has all the necessary for the work of the skincare specialist.  LED lighting is placed on the perimeter emphasizing IOMA style.