VIRTU begins rapid producing of prototypes for corrugated POS.

VIRTU acquired digital cutting table ESKO Kongsberg. This equipment is the next step of company in producing corrugated POS.

Earlier this year our company has launched a plan for the production of cardboard POS - new product of VIRTU offered to clients. This step is a continuation of our strategy to provide a wide range of products to highlight the brands at the point of sales.

ESKO Kongsberg is designed for processing of corrugated and other cardboard in combination with other rigid materials used in the production of POS-displays. But at the same time the equipment is designed for a wide range of materials, has a high performance and cutting quality, and high positioning accuracy of the cutting tool with the printed image.

Firstly cutter is indispensable for rapid prototype production. But due to the global trend on reducing the number of POS-displays produced (brands increasingly order highly specialized displays for specific tasks) the equipment is capable to carry out small series projects  in a short time and creates a serious competition to the traditional technology of die-cutting.

In May this year VIRTU became the exclusive partner in Russia of the European leader in the production of corrugated POS and packaging - STI Group.