The second competition among students-designers was held during the traditional POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS. The idea of VIRTU Chairman Vladimir Itkin was to become the sponsor of the student contest.  It meant to take care of all the organizational issues of POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS. To inform the future designers about our industry is very important purpose for the entire POSM market.

Students sent 49 projects for Raffaello brand to enter the contest. The total number of works was 54. 

Thereafter the jury, composed of the heads of POSM-manufacturing companies, selected 11 best works, and authors of these projects was to make a real display at our production site.

Students was needed in help of specialists.

There were some fears about the quality of displays produced by the students who used only knives, scissors and rulers. Our company had provided the necessary materials and printed images and contours for further cutting. And our employees helped students and gave them advices.

To cut corrugated materials manually is difficult not only for women but also for men.

For two days (April, 4-5) future designers produced their own versions of cardboard racks Raffaello, and the end result exceeded expectations: quality of displays was high enough thanks to capabilities of students, and good organization of the production process.

Rack is almost ready.

Marketing director of VIRTU Andrey Tikhonov:

“ I felt a personal interest in the success of the entire project. While you see fifty four student’s projects it’s only dry statistics. When you spend two full days with eleven finalists everybody of them becomes a specific person. And you can instantly determine their project by the name. And you already worry for each of them, especially when you learn that from eleven racks only seven ones was selected for the final determination of the prize winners."

Collective photo during a working pause.

The jury consisted of 34 experts from major global brands.

FERRERO defined its version of the best displays and awarded by valuable gifts all participants of the final stage of the competition. The authors of the brief noted the most creative works ignoring the minor bugs.

Our company as a sponsor of the contest identifies its top three winners and awarded prizes in the form of symbolic designer pencil on the podium.

The results of POPAI STUDENT DESIGN AWARDS are available at POPAI RUSSIA website. 

And here you can see the slide-show about producing of Raffaello racks.