Annual corporate training.

Every year VIRTU organizes trainings for employees of the sales department. The main goal is to improve the professional level.

There are conducted tours on all production sites as well as new technologies and equipment are presented as parts of training. During the training the staff is informed about technological innovations on our production facilities.

Such activities contribute to a successful interaction with customers and allow us to provide quality professional service. Especially it is important for client managers and designers.  They need in to be informed about all news. In this case a manager could tell about possibilities of VIRTU and designer could realize a customer’s ideas using modern technology.

In this year the training continued for two days in late January and much attention had been paid to the possibilities of the newly acquired industrial UV printer with photo-quality printing Durst Omega 2UV. There were shown the samples of various materials, on which the printed image was applied directly due to the new technology. 

Continuous development is one of the main priorities of our company. That is why we create necessary conditions for new business ideas. And training in this regard helps us achieve our goals and move forward.