Implementation of DUNHILL promo-zone project.

September 1, 2012 in "Afimall City" shopping center VIRTU installed promo pavilion for DUNHILL which was devoted to the history of the brand. The installation is a stylized tobacco shop DUNHILL, the appearance of which emphasizes the idea of ​​combining both the past and present, revealing the history of tobacco production DUNHILL.

The customer had provided a detailed description and the design of the future pavilion, and on the basis of these data it was necessary to choose the materials and implement the idea of the design project.

All lines, used materials and visuals highlight the style and the premium nature of the pavilion. Notable elements of the external appearance of the promo-zone are large light boxes with images and the warm golden glow around the perimeter of the pavilion.

The interior of the pavilion conveys the feeling of being in front of a glass window of a tobacco shop. A black-and-white photography allows you to feel the atmosphere of the past. Three plasma screens on the other wall are connected to a single monitor to display video presentation. DUNHILL packs of different years models and containers with varieties of tobacco were placed around the perimeter of the pavilion inner part. Table styled as ebony and shaped as logo DUNHILL is designed for torcedor (twisting cigars specialist) to work. One of the most important elements of interior space is the volume element with illumination in the form of DUNHILL blazon. 

The project was difficult to implement, but in the end we got an elegant and premium promotional area, which was appreciated by representatives of the "BAT Russia".