VIRTU highlights the most important for the world freeriding.

VIRTU produced stands for promotion of the new model of headphones Philips O'Neill SHO 9207 "The Crash". This product is intended to become the new standard for durability in the most severe climatic conditions. The famous freerider of World Team O'Neill Jeremy Jones visited both Russian capitals specially for this purpose as well as for the presentation of a new film named «Further» about a freeriding. Promotions held in "October" (Moscow) and "Aurora" (St. Petersburg) cinemas.

The project was implemented during October 2012, and promo actions took place on October, 28-29. Stands manufactured by VIRTU employees provide an opportunity to listen to 5-different tracks (rock, pop, jazz, classic, blues). Two different people could listen to music at the same time (double-sided design). Stands are equipped by photo frames to show demo video and dummies of snowboard. MDF, particle board, plastic for lining of some stand elements and full-color printed images were used in the project.

Philips appreciated the efficiency and quality of the stands. The other stands were intended for use in stores to sell Philips O'Neill SHO model 9207 "The Crash" headphones.