Over the past year has VIRTU Exclusive division significantly increased the total amount of orders on producing branded furniture for sunglasses and frames brands.

We implemented projects in this market segment before, however, mostly occasionally. But amount sometimes turns into quality, and the number of such orders has gone through the roof. They are getting noticeable among other ones.

For many years has it that VIRTU been a partner of many luxury brands in the beauty market. However, the same brands are also presented in the fashion world, so names on produced furniture are mainly the same (CHANEL, GUCCI, YSL etc.) but sunglasses and frames appeared on shelves instead of make-up and perfumery goods.

Production skills needed in some cases are the same. As example, there is no difference in a special hand-worked painting of the GUCCI furniture for both of the above segments. 

The zones we’ve installed one may found out, for example, in the ‘Blind Chicken’ stores. There are some of them in the boutique located in the ‘Afimall’ shopping center. The GUCCI brand zone has already won ‘gold’ on the POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2021 in the Shop-in-Shop/ Fashion, and the one for Saint Laurent was installed lately.