According to the independent agency, which has been rating the leading advertising companies for a decade and a half, our company is the best among POS producers in Russia.

We are used to finding out our position on the market through the annual research of POPAI Russia and INFOLine, where we regularly find ourselves among the leaders, but it is always curious to find out our rating from other sources.

Finding the right parameters to rate is always the most difficult issue, and they depend on a researcher. The portal uses the following criteria for agencies’ assessment:

  • Experience
  • Number of clients / completed projects
  • Number of offices / cities in Russia
  • Number of employees
  • Frequency of mentions in the media (citation)
  • Number of awards / prizes
  • Number of basic services (degree of blurring of specialization)
  • Participation in associations / unions
  • Production facilities
  • Presence of own sites / technologies
  • Recognition and portfolio

There is more attention to the efficiency of a company than to the turnover. Therefore, one can take a higher place in the rating having small staff but many clients.

There are more details about the rating here. Click here to get more about the and its main principles in rating process.