Recently VIRTU Exclusive finished an installation of a brand-zone for GUCCI frames and  sunglasses in the "Blind Chicken" store of the ‘Afimall’ shopping center.

Lately our company has completed or is underway of implementation a number of projects related to an exclusive branded furniture for sunglasses and frames of various famous brands. This market segment is becoming quite perceptible among all VIRTU's projects.

The shop-in-shop for GUCCI in the ‘Blind Chicken’ space has undoubtedly become a prominent part of it due to favorable location as well as bright colors and original furniture design, the distinguishing feature of which is painting with a brush to achieve an appearance that looks like handmade. We’ve got invaluable experience in it due to projects for beauty goods of GUCCI over the past couple of years.

A brief but refined design and bright colors of the branded furniture, the elegant fitting table, large light boxes that make it all more spacious - all this together with the high quality of the furniture make GUCCI sunglasses and frames noticeable in the store interior and increase the number of those who wear accessoires of the famous brand.