Two VIRTU divisions and a new corporate identity.

Our company has just changed its corporate identity and logo. Now there is a common umbrella brand and logos for two divisions: VIRTU Exclusive and VIRTU Display.

The purpose was to make VIRTU architecture and the distinctions of two activities clear to our clients and partners. Each part of the company has its own sales, design and production facilities. Since the previous rebranding we have been constantly in progress. Moreover, a few years ago we opened the division of corrugated displays, which gradually became an independent unit with its own office and a modern production site.

We are glad to present you the new VIRTU logo.

VIRTU Exclusive is related to exclusive furniture and permanent POS for premium and luxury brands. There is a blue color in the logo which reminds of succession to the previous corporate identity.

VIRTU Display is everything that comes with our production of creative corrugated POS. We decided to use a shade of green to emphasize the connection between cardboard and ecology.

We’ll change the corporate identity in all our communications soon.

We hope that the new VIRTU identity would help you to realize the architecture of VIRTU. As usual we have been and remain the company which creates advantages for your brands at points of sale.