New opportunities for the production site of corrugated POS.

At the end of 2019 and in the first months of 2020 we significantly improved the capacity of corrugated POS production which made it possible to shorten the lead time, increase output, further improve the quality of displays by automating assembly processes and increase production flexibility in projects with different numbers of units.

We purchased laminating equipment to protect products from external influences. 

The next stage was the acquisition of two automatic gluing machines LAMINA SYSTEM AB, which allow simultaneous application of cold and hot glue. On one of them there is an additional option for applying double-sided adhesive tape, running display parts in two streams and the ability to work with larger workpieces. Now, with the exception of individual cases, the gluing has become fully automated.

The final step of the upgrade was the purchase of a ZUND cutting plotter for efficient execution of small-scale orders with a circulation of no more than 200 pieces.

The packaging process has also become automated. We also have got an additional warehouse for storing materials and goods from a client intended for co-packing. The warehouse has unloaded production areas, which are more efficiently used for the main task - manufacturing and assembly of final displays.

A weighing-machine is important for verification at the end of production process. Mandatory weighing of packaged products helps to eliminate errors: the slightest deviation from the normal weight will not go unnoticed.