Nina Ricci is at TSUM again.

Not so long ago, VIRTU specialists produced and installed the podium for Nina Ricci at TSUM. And here is a new project, the corner of the beloved brand at the same address, was implemented in October this year. 

The previous object was dedicated specifically for the 85th anniversary of the legendary brand and was used for holding high society events, to which Laetitia Casta came, the face of Nina Ricci. The VIRTU employees have remembered something else most of all, an unusual podium design, bright and incredible. We managed to bring all the designers had dreamed up and eventually got the main award of Shop-in-shop/Cosmetics and Perfumery nomination at POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS.

The new corner has got small size, but its design is just as bright and stands out among the neighbors in the sales area of one of the country's main stores. The abundance of light, hung vials with LEDs inside, requiring long and painstaking work, stainless steel units coated with titanium nitride and much more made it possible to get an aesthetic pleasure from that has turned out in the end.