MERCHANDISING.RU is the specialized website of merchandising and trade marketing. It has summed up the annual survey of trade-marketing services. 

POS displays are among various tools to stimulate sales and the companies that produce them often appear in various surveys. POPAI RUSSIA has recently performed the research of Russian POS market the fifth year in a row but sometimes it is interesting to know the results of other surveys.

85 respondents of well-known Russian and foreign brand owners gave their replies for the MERCHANDISING.RU survey questions. Nestle, Coca Cola, Mars, Kimberly Clark, Apple, Danone, Chanel and others are among them. This is good news that VIRTU is turned out to be the best of this survey in terms of recognition and client’s readiness to recommend POS producer.

The survey also determined the rating of technical merchandising companies where VIRTU is on the 7th place. We provide such services to our clients during project implementation but as additional services now.

More info about the survey is on the MERCHANDISING.RU