The website of VIRTU as a reflection of the company’s life.

There has been a significant update of our website. We are back again to our traditional logo after the anniversary year.

But the main change happened in the product line (the top menu of the site). Earlier it was divided on three types of the products but it has become more client-oriented now focusing on various segments of the consumer goods market.

  • The TEMPORARY section means mainly corrugated POS for FMCG brands.

  • POS displays and shop fitting for premium brands of household appliances and electronics, elite alcohol as well as mass cosmetics and perfumery are performed in the PERMANENT section. Earlier POS and furniture projects were spread across different product groups but now the clients of the above segments can find the promotion tools they are interested in within the same section.

  • The same is in the LUXURY section: individual brand furniture projects and POS displays for de luxe brands are put in it.

However the world and Russian experience of marketing in retail shows that FMCG brands use permanent solutions in addition to corrugated POS and at the same time corrugated POS are used by premium and de luxe brands in their short-term promo actions. And we take this into account when working with our clients.

We won awards of professional contests every year and everyone can find the information about it on the website.

We are more experienced now than the year before due to the international conference "POSitive-2017: world industry trends" we performed in 2017. This and other events are reflected in the "Our history” section and in the news block of the website.

The section "About us" has also been changed significantly: it reveals the principles of VIRTU doing business based on three concepts: CREATIVITY, QUALITY and CULTURE.

The “News” section mostly informs about implemented projects and other business events but some articles tell about the company life. We consider that relations in the team reflect the level of what we produce.

Despite all the changes, one thing remains unchanged: