A trip to Germany for VIRTU old-timers.

VIRTU celebrated its anniversary last year and in honor of this event 25 oldest employees of the company were awarded a tourist trip to Germany. It was held in April this year.

For several days the VIRTU old-timers had the opportunity to escape from everyday work: take a walk along the streets of old Dusseldorf, take a boat trip on the Rhine waters, visit the production site of VKF Renzel (VIRTU has been strong ties since the 90s), see castles and old the streets of Aachen, Bocholt and Essen, look inside the famous cathedral in Cologne and, of course, enjoy the traditional German cuisine that is unthinkable without a beer of local brewers.


VIRTU in Düsseldorf

Boat trip on the river Rhine

Native inhabitants of Düsseldorf

Dinner in the traditional German restaurant in Düsseldorf

Photo for memory at the entrance to the office of VKF Renzel (Mr. Renzel  - to the right of Vladimir Itkin)

During a visit to the production site of VKF Renzel

Lunch in the castle

Anholt Castle

Photo before the castle

Cologne Cathedral