VIRTU on POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2018: unbelievable success.

We again have managed to collect a unique collection of prizes that exceeded our expectations! 11 of our projects have won 12 (!)  1st place awards: in addition to 9 gold Indians three our POS displays were recognized as winners in the Concept nomination according to the client's version. VIRTU team has also won 6 silver and 4 bronze prizes. All three of our divisions have won gold Indians!

We are very pleased with the results in the Concept that is very competitive traditionally with a large number of creative displays. According to the client's version (MARS provided a brief for M&M's) two best entries were selected among the pallet size displays and among the racks. Our two pallet size entries became the best ones in the first category ("Winter Resort" and "Country House" projects) and the stand "Gifts" was called as the best in the second category. According to the jury three our works turned out to be among the best: the project "Country House" was awarded by "golden" Indian among pallet display and "Winter Resort" took "silver" Indian. Stand "Gifts" took second place among the racks.

Winter Resort project

Country House and Gifts projects

Givenchy make-up bar has won 1 place in Cosmetics and perfumery/Permanent and Stand for Soundgear JBL has become the best in Household appliances and electronics/Mini-display.

We are very glad that two our displays have been awarded by "golden" Indians in the Temporary section: Calve stand in the Food nomination and Ball for a Christmas tree Palmolive tree in the Body care products nomination.

Three of our projects have become the winners of different categories in the Shop-in-Shop nomination: Nina Ricci podium (the Cosmetics and perfumery section), brand area BOSCH (the Household appliances and electronics section) and mobile bar Martel (the Mixed section).

Pop Up store CHANEL has been awarded by “golden” Indian in the Shop Design nomination for the best design of retail space.

Boombox JBL shelf display has been the second in the Household appliances and electronics/Mini-display. AirWick presenter has become the 2nd in the Promotional packaging/Presenter.

In the Shop-in-Shop/Cosmetics and perfumery two VIRTU projects scored absolutely the same points dividing the 2nd place: the Penhaligon's corner and the Prada podium.

3rd places were occupied by Lanson display in the Alcohol/Mini-display and Nina Ricci shelf display in the Cosmetics and perfumery/Mini-display.

L'Or glorifier in the Food/Mini-display and Lenovo brand area in the Shop-in-Shop/Household appliances and electronics have become the 3rd prize winners.

We again would like to thank all our clients for their trust and interesting briefs that give us inspiration and opportunity for VIRTU specialists to realize their talents and perform their skills of implementation.