VIRTU participated in business forum “How to create a Beauty brand”.

At October, 25-28 the XXIV international exhibition InterCHARM took place. It became the largest in its history: the geography of brands presented expanded to 54 countries.

Back in the 2000s VIRTU actively participated in the exhibition: the company's president Vladimir M. Itkin was a speaker of business events. This year there was the business forum "How to create a Beauty brand" for the first time. Market specialists and top management of Rive Gauche, L'Etoile, Avon, Vivienne Sabo, L'Oreal were the speakers of it. The second day of the forum was dedicated to de luxe beauty brands, and the presentation of VIRTU marketing director Andrey Tikhonov was a part of the program and devoted to  effective POS solutions for promoting premium perfume and cosmetics brands in modern retail.

The first part of the presentation told about the world trends in retail: retail space shrinking despite of sales growth, increase of digital signage segment, frequent transformation of retail space etc. One of the presentation ideas is that modern technologies are both challenge and opportunities for POS producers: new shopper experience, increasing time of interaction shoppers with goods, additional interactions in social media and possibility to be a brand assistant by collecting the information about shoppers and their behavior.

The second part of the presentation was devoted to communication channels for perfumery and cosmetics brands in modern retail and examples of design solutions in POS on the base of projects implemented by VIRTU, as well as world experience of the POS industry. A unique design idea combined with modern innovative and interactive technologies enhances the influence to consumer's decision to make a purchase.

As a final point, there was the Sephora Flash Connected Store case as a digital boutique of a new generation with numerous digital technologies for communication with shoppers.