Creative displays for the “Svyatoy Istochnik”.

VIRTU increases cooperation with FMCG brands, particularly in temporary corrugated POS. Recently our company designed and implemented several projects for the "Svyatoy Istochnik" drinking water: the pallet display with an integrated refrigerator and two types of corrugated displays. 

The pallet display is designed to maximize a number of bottles on it. This very common for FMCG market because the demand for drinking water is high and large space for bottles allows to avoid often filling of empty shelves. Attractive idea of truck design makes a purchase experience very exciting.

The pallet display is made of metal and plastics and styled for the brand with the logo and headlights illumination.

For the special series of the brand we produced displays with graphics based on Disney stories. Back panels of unusual shape with recognizable graphics and large images of favorite heroes from the cartoon "Frozen" and the movie "Star Wars" will attract the attention of customers.