Brand-zone «Princess» for Disney in Hamleys store.

This year spring Hamleys' second store was opened in Moscow. This legendary shop offers a huge range of toys of different brands from all over the world, including Disney products.

Our company has designed and produced brand-zone "Princess" for promotion special edition products by Disney. This project is dedicated to "Disney princesses" – the main characters of cartoons "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast", "Rapunzel", "Frozen", etc. 

The whole area is decorated by panels with graphic images. When entering, three-dimensional figures with luminous spirals draw attention. 

Another interesting element is a dynamic LED-lighting, imitating a starry sky.

Products are located on shelves with built-in monitors and on separate stands.

The central photo-zone has a light podium, a beautiful chandelier and a backwall which shows the real scene from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast".

This brand-zone allows to identify the product line of Disney from other similar products. Visual effects create a fabulous atmosphere for effective communication between the consumer and the brand.