VIRTU: 25 years in moving forward. Results of the conference in the field of POS.

On June 7, 2017 the unique international conference "POSitive-2017: world industry trends" took place in Palmira Business Club Hotel. It was organized by VIRTU in the year of its 25th anniversary.

Perhaps it was the first time in Russia when presentations in total covered all types of POS production industry. This made it possible to organize the conference interesting for representatives of brand companies from different consumer segments: from mass-market to “de luxe” goods. Specialists of almost all brand companies responded positively to the conference’ invitation. As a result the conference turned out to be very representative.

VIRTU CEO Viacheslav Itkin was the host of the conference. He made the first report in which he told in unusual manner about his company, focusing on the three principles of VIRTU activity formed over 25 years of its existence: Creativity, Quality and Culture. These principles apply to all processes occurring within the company.

Owner and head of the American company Bish Creative Display Gerrold Fox talked about his experience in the production of permanent POS solutions and demonstrated many cases of creative displays. He also revealed the main processes taking place in retail, citing data from the research of the SHOP! Association: shrinking of selling space, omni-channel retailing, online retailers open physical stores, interactive & experiential retailing, faster store remodeling/redesigning. 

Regional director for Eastern Europe and Nordics of the American company InVue Pavel Volny spoke about modern trends in the field of anti-theft solutions and gave in detail on the IR Ecosystem™ - single key, storewide security that improves the customer experience, increases sales and protects high theft merchandise. Such systems can be useful for home appliances and electronics goods and in decorative cosmetics and perfumes too.

The founder of the company IdeAform (France) Patrick Robert shared his experience in the production of exclusive brand furniture for global brands: Chanel, Sisley, Make Up For Ever, Tissot, LG. Another company of Patrick Robert named as Weillrobert carries out projects in mass market, and he spoke in detail about the ways of promoting such products, in particular the Evian brand: unusual solutions for attracting attention at point of sale, cross merchandising tools.

Director of international key accounts of STI Group (Germany) Markus Woland spoke in detail about the European trends in the field of corrugated POS, using in his report an impressive portfolio of the company. What information customers get on a way from their houses to stores, why floor stands for wine are situated in flower shops, for what reason POS producer becomes a partner of retailers, how to surprise customers and affect all the senses, solutions for seasonal sales –Markus Woland told about these ones and many other things during his presentation.

At the end of the conference VIRTU chairman Vladimir Itkin told how the idea of this event had been born and how important to organize such meetings for better communication of brand companies and their partners at points of sale.

All guests had the opportunity to be photographed in front of the installation symbolizing the achievements of VIRTU in POPAI contests as well as to get acquainted with the most important moments of VIRTU history.

The group of St. Petersburg named Street Band was invited to maintain a festive atmosphere. The musicians coped with their mission brilliantly.