VIRTU at POPAI contest: the record number of prizes with a record competition!

The result of POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2017 for VIRTU is unbelievable! We took 10 gold statuettes in 9 nominations, 5 silver and 6 bronze prizes.

We have won all main prizes of the year: 

  •          in Concept competition (client's version);
  •          Design of the year;
  •          POSM of the year (POPAI RUSSIA members version);
  •          Grand Prix – VIRTU 7th one for 13 years! 

This is our best result in the history of the contest, it has been achieved in high competition with our colleagues: our entries were the best among 15-20 projects in some nominations.

Shelf display Carolina Herrera Good Girl was awarded by Grand Priх and took 1st place together with shelf display Guerlain in Cosmetics and Perfumery/ Mini-display. Design of the year is another main award for Carolina Herrera Good Girl.

The trolley Carolina Herrera is the best project in Cosmetics and Perfumery/Permanent and took one more main award – POSM of the year (POPAI RUSSIA members version). Tefal Ingenio stand took 1st place in Products and accessories for everyday life, entertainment/Permanent

It was very pleasant for us to be the best in Sweets and Chocolate nomination: VIRTU produces corrugated POS not for a long period but is taking gold statuette the second year in a row. This time it was taken for Kinder Spring performance.

1st place in Households appliances/Mini-display was taken for Moto Z display for smartphones. 

There are four wins in on-line nominations. Three of them are in Shop-in-shop categories Cosmetics and Perfumery (Salon Clarins SPA «European»), Household appliances (Philips brand zone) and Others (Hennessy promo-installation).

Another excellent project has taken the best prize in Category management decoration – the one for SEB Group in «Eldorado» store.

Concept is one of the most prestigious nominations. VIRTU was awarded by the Diploma for the best Concept project named «Tea cups» (version of the Red October brand owner -  «United Confectioners» company). One more our Concept floorstand «Carousel» was the second on jury version. 

We took 2nd places for Clarins mobile stand in Cosmetics and Perfumery/Permanent and for Rowenta end cap in Household appliances/Permanent.

Silver statuettes were gotten for shelf display Nina Ricci L’Extase in Cosmetics and Perfumery/Mini-display and Krups brand zone in Shop-in-shop/Household appliances.

3rd places were taken by Ardbeg floorstand and Grant's pallet display in Permanent and Temporary sections of Alcohol nomination.

Dyson stand in Household appliances/Permanent and logistics/installation service project for Dior shelf displays in Installation nomination took 3rd places.

Two other projects were awarded for 3rd places in Shop-in-shop/Cosmetics and Perfumery (Dior corner) and in Shop Design/Non food (Chanel boutique in «Atrium»).

This time our exhibition stand was unusually bright and memorable. Three POS displays as coaches were the symbols of our three main activities: permanent solutions, temporary solutions and individual brand furniture. The main our objective is to transfer a brand into the King of point of sale. That's why we chose coaches as symbols for the exhibition stand. As a result we got the Diploma for the most original stand.

We would like to thank all our clients who let us implement projects and take main POPAI awards and prizes each year. It has become possible only thanks to your confidence and briefs inspiring to create unique displays.